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News:New and Exciting Shells on their way

As at May 2022 - there are now seven categories available; Half Ton (1.5 litre formula), Return to Power, (3 litre formula), Tin Tops (Saloons) Track Heroes from the 1950s, Post Wing (speaks for itself), Transporters F2 and Sports.

In Half Ton there are the Coopers, Brabhams, BRMs and Lotuses from the 1961 to 1965 F1 seasons.

The 3 litre era is encompassed by Return to Power including the Hondola from 1967, the Brabham BT19 and 20, the Brabham BT24, the 1966 Ferrari 312, and the 66/67 H16 BRM .

The Track Heroes series is now available with the Ferrari 801, the 1957 Maserati 250F V12, the Monaco Vanwalls and the amazing V16 BRM..

TinTops range covers Groups 1 and 2 with some classic saloons from the Mark 3 Capri, to the thundering Holden VK and a lot in between icluding the fabulous BMW 3 Csl Gosser.

Post Wing is an expanding range which covers the advent of wings and delves into the 1970s and maybe later. The current release is the De Tomaso 505 from 1970.

Transporters is a new category with the first being the Vanwall Transporter. This will be followed by the BRM Transporter and maybe others.

The lesser formula are covered by F2 at present but we are considering F5000, F3 and maybe Formula Ford.

Sports is an occasional category with an initial offering of the Maranello Ferrari GTO from 1964.

Decals are available for all categories; they have been produced to fit our bodies by Milan Tomasek (MTR32) and Indycals.

We have shown you what we have done and are doing with our bodyshells, now what can you make?

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